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Case Study
Windsor Castle

Deaf Alerter – Planned Preventative Maintenance

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, it has since been the home of 39 monarchs. Today The Queen spends most of her private weekends at the Castle and it is open to visitors throughout the year.

Deaf Alerter


Deaf Fire Alarm


The Challenge

As the oldest and largest occupied Royal Castle, Windsor Castle is a Grade 1 listed and heavily protected building. With that in mind, Deaf Alerter has been installed since 2015 as the client required a deaf fire alarm system that would not only keep their occupants, members of staff, and visitors safe in the event of an emergency but also, one that would not damage the fabric and beauty of the building. 

Windsor Castle has appointed a new dedicated FM who are managing all areas of Fire and Safety. Alerter Group are pleased to be working with the FM company in ensuring the maintenance is scheduled on this vital life saving equipment.

With little knowledge about the Deaf Alerter and its functionality,  the client approached us for a meeting to discuss the system and understand the various maintenance packages we can offer in order to see what is best suited for their needs.

The Solution

Deaf Alerter is a fully compliant closed protocol system, with a requirement for any call-outs and faults to be remedied in-house.

In line with the client’s requirements to ensure that all their systems work accurately to safeguard the safety of everyone on-site; the solution was to provide a comprehensive support package including preventative maintenance visits and product support.  

The Result

Overall, this gave the client a reliable and complete system that met their specific requirements. Windsor Castle and its occupants are now guaranteed that they have a fully compliant system in place to support the Deaf community and strengthen their fire evacuation procedures.

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