Alerter Group continues to operate during the UK’s second national lockdown

In light of the latest Government guidelines regarding the second Lockdown, we would like to assure all of our customers that the business is continuing to operate as usual.

We are mindful of our customers’ individual requirements and despite COVID-19, Alerter Group continue to offer an essential service that ensures businesses are able to operate compliantly.

While our teams remain on hand to assist with any sales and enquiries, we have been and continue to make every effort, in taking the necessary measures to keep all of our staff members and customers safe.

This includes our specialist Engineers, who continue to install and maintain our life saving communication systems. In line with this, we have implemented COVID-secure ‘best practices’, that our Engineers must adhere to on any customer site. These include but are not limited to:

• If an employee falls ill onsite, they must leave site immediately.
• Engineers must travel in their own van (only) when going to site (and separately) if they are working with other engineers.
• Engineers must wash hands before and after using the facilities.
• At all times engineers must be at least 2m’s apart from any other individual.
• Engineers must carry disposable PPE (gloves and masks) for use as required.
• Any PPE used must be cleaned or disposed of safely after use and not shared.
• Hand sanitiser is to be carried at all times – in case no handwashing facilities are available.

As a company we take great pride in our philosophy of ‘saving lives through technology’ and this very much remains the case, please be assured that we take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously and will issue further updates when necessary.