Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fire Alarm

Deaf Alerter® is a radio-based emergency fire alarm and messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people. Deaf Alerter helps eliminate potential risks using our unique patented roaming system, that allows users to receive emergency messages and communications in any building displaying the Deaf Alerter symbol. With over 100,000 fires in buildings every year in the UK, the risk to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people is not only high but very serious.

Deaf Alerter Pager


The Alerter is a small, robust, portable receiver carried by the Deaf or Hard of Hearing user.

  • The Alerter will work in any building displaying the Deaf Alerter sign, working to International Roaming Standards
  • High-priority messages - fire alarm messages cannot be switched off
  • Very strong vibration - to alert the user to a message
  • The user cannot cancel fire alarm message - must evacuate the building to stop vibration
  • Always switched on, for safety reasons
  • Constructed to withstand everyday abuse and occasional drops

DA3000 Transmitter

Deaf Alerter transmitters are wall-mounted (normally) and located within the fire alarm evacuation zones, as specified by our site survey engineer.

  • Complies with BS5839 and EN54.
  • Network-based messaging, status reporting and email fault alerts.
  • Works to International Roaming Standards.
  • Transmits a message to all Alerters in the event of an emergency.
  • Full building coverage is guaranteed.
Deaf Alerter Transmitter Panel
Deaf Alerter Night Cradle

Night Cradle

For protection at night in hotels, halls of residence and residential homes. If the fire alarm is activated the pillow pad vibrates and the light will flash continuously.

  • The vibrating pad sits under your pillow as you sleep
  • When the fire alarm is activated the pillow pad will vibrate to wake you, and the light will flash
  • Provides you with 24-hour a day safety while you are in your room
  • An option for a door knocking facility is available, e.g for room service or wake up calls

Message Manager

Message Manager software, installed on a networked PC, allows free messaging throughout a site. Private messages can be sent to individual Alerters or groups of Alerters; public address messages can be sent to any Alerters within range using the International Roaming Standard.
  • Individual, Group and Public Address messaging function
  • Prioritise emergency messages
  • Messaging software included with the system
  • No charge for sending or receiving messages
  • Pre-recorded and scheduled messages with repeat option
  • The software handles allocation of Alerters to users
Deaf Alerter Message Manager

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