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Radio-based Emergency Communication Systems

We help save lives through technology

Our radio-based emergency communication systems offer a cost-effective, hassle-free solution for organisations looking to make their buildings as safe as possible for everyone.


No expensive wiring


Quick installation


Fully compliant

Are you sure everyone in your building is safe?

As a business owner, building manager or specifier, it is imperative you have systems installed that ensure everyone in the building is given the assistance and communication they need.

Alerter Group provides emergency communication systems, primarily for disabled people. Our products help your buildings meet the relevant compliance and safety standards; whilst ensuring that the people within your building can be as safe as possible during an emergency.

Over the last 25 years, we have constantly developed our cutting-edge radio-based solutions. We are proud to be saving lives through technology, in thousands of buildings across the UK, for hundreds of different customers.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to be at the forefront of technology to meet the needs of those customers, creating bespoke solutions for many sectors.






Public Sector


We provide bespoke solutions for many different sectors. For any information not above, please get in touch.

Cost-effective | Fast installation | Minimal disruption

Radio-based emergency communication systems

Deaf Alerter

Our emergency fire alarm and messaging system, for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

Refuge Alerter

Our emergency voice communication system (EVC), located in disabled refuge areas.

Site Alerter

Our site emergency evacuation system, used to help evacuate personnel at hazardous sites.

Working with Alerter Group is easy

We make the process as easy as possible, from start to finish. We have experts on hand every step of the way, ensuring your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Schedule an appointment

Schedule an appointment with one of our specialist consultants. We will assess your building or project requirements, answer any questions and offer advice about the best solution for your situation.


Get your project proposal

We’ll put your requirements into an easy-to-understand project proposal. Your consultant will be on-hand every step of the way, available to answer any questions as your project progresses.


Safety in your building

Our team of expert radio engineers will install your building or project solutions to the highest of standards. In the event of an emergency, you know that everyone in your building will be safe.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations

We are proud to work with some of the leading companies in retail, leisure, education, government, health, hotels and transport throughout the United Kingdom.

Alerter Group has improved our fire safety and evacuation procedures dramatically for
physically disabled people. The system means all staff, students and visitors are as safe
as possible in emergency situations

Resource Zone

For disability awareness, building regulation information and specific product knowledge, visit our Resource Zone.

Schedule an appointment

Our specialist consultants are on hand to help you with any project requirements or questions. Our team are available to visit your site / organisation in-house to discuss your project plans, or via video and phone appointments, pricing projects from specification or building plans.


We are regularly asked questions about compliance, project safety and the advantages of radio technology. We’ve put some answers to those questions here. For more in-depth, product-specific questions please see our product areas.

If you have any questions not covered on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Is a radio solution the right solution for me?

Our radio-based solutions have a few great advantages that make them perfect for nearly all scenarios. Radio-based means we can be on-site (and back off!) very quickly, causing minimum disruption and at any stage of a project. We have no need for expensive cabling, and can also cover multiple building sites very easily.

Do your products meet British Standards?

Yes! All of our products meet the relevant British standards for fire safety and building regulations. These include BS5839-1, BS5839-9 and BS8300. For product specific information please visit the relevant pages, where more information is available.

Can anyone install your products?

We take great pride in having an experienced, expert Engineering team that install and maintain our vital, life-saving products. We don’t compromise on quality or safety.  


How can I purchase an Alerter system?

Our specialist consultants are on hand to discuss your project, building or safety requirements. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and we will put together an easy to understand proposal to help make your building or site more accessible for all.