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Fire Alarm for Deaf & Hard of Hearing People

Deaf Alerter


BS 5839-1:2017 compliant


Sitewide coverage guaranteed


National roaming system

1 in 6 people inside your building experiences hearing loss. Are you sure everyone can hear your fire alarm?

With over 100,000 fires in buildings every year in the UK, the risk to over 11 millions Deaf or Hard of hearing people is not only high, but potentially life threatening.

By installing a fire alarm for Deaf & Hard of Hearing People, many potential risks can easily be eliminated, aiding compliance with the Equality Act, Human Rights and Health & Safety within your building.

What is Deaf Alerter?

Deaf Alerter® is a system that provides emergency messages about fire alarms for Deaf and hard of hearing people. This industry leading, radio-based system is installed in thousands of buildings across the UK.

Deaf Alerter helps eliminate potential risks using our unique roaming system, that allows users to receive emergency messages and communications in any building displaying the Deaf Alerter symbol.

Benefits of using Deaf Alerter – our fire alarm system for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people

BS5839-1 section 18 is dedicated to the special requirements of “fire alarm warnings for people with impaired hearing”. It is vital that this British standard recommendation is followed.

Section 18 of BS5839-1 is seen as the minimum acceptable standard by industry leading experts, that is considered safe to use. It is important not to cherry pick areas within this standard, especially when potentially life saving equipment is used.

  • RFully meets BS5839-1
  • RGuaranteed to receive messages
  • R4-6 week battery life on 'Alerter'
  • RStrong vibration to alert user

Full Building Coverage Guaranteed | Unique National Roaming Feature

Deaf Alerter System


National Roaming (Red) Alerter


Building specific (Blue) Alerter


Belt Clip makes it easy to attach to clothing


Backlit LED screen shows messages


Our Alerter is a small, robust, portable receiver used by the Deaf or Hard of Hearing person. The red, 'national roaming', Alerter's will work across the country where a system is installed. The blue, 'site specific', Alerter's are set-up to be used on one site or in one building only.


High Priority Messages

Any high priority, emergency messages can not be switched off by a user until they are safe


Strong Vibration

Our Alerter's have a very strong vibration, designed to alert the user in any situation


Robust Design

Constructed to withstand everyday use and occasional drops or bangs


Battery That Lasts

The battery which can be changed easily, is able to last 4 to 6 weeks of use


Backlit LED display screen shows system state & health

DA3000 Transmitter

The Deaf Alerter DA3000 Transmitters are wall-mounted and located within the fire alarm evacuation zones, as specified by our expert site-survey Engineer.


Fully Compliant

The DA3000 Transmitter fully complies with BS5839 and EN54


Full Coverage

Through a site-survey we guarantee full building/site coverage with our Transmitters


Multiple Inputs

Multiple inputs allows fire evacuation zones to be sent messages at different times


Fault Monitoring

Continuous fault monitoring with indication and feedback to fire panel


Pillow pad that links to the Night Alerter


Strobe lights to further alert the room occupant


Alarm clock feature

Night Alerter

For protection at night in hotels, halls of residence and residential homes. If the fire alarm is activated the pillow pad vibrates and the light will flash continuously.


Night Time Protection

Night Alerter ensures a Deaf user will receive emergency notifications through the night


Pillow Pad

The pillow pad sits under the pillow, vibrating strongly to wake the user


Flashing Light

The light adds another form of message reciept, flashing brightly when activated


Alarm clock

Night Alerter can also be used as an alarm clock, to wake the user up at a set time

Message Manager

Message Manager software, installed on a networked PC, allows free messaging throughout a site. Private messages can be sent to individual Alerter's or groups of Alerter's; public address messages can be sent to any Alerter's within range.


Free Software

The Message Manager is free software that comes as part of a Deaf Alerter package


Easy to use

A simple interface allows messaging to one, a group, or all Alerter's in range


Scheduled Messaging

Messages can be scheduled, which is perfect for messages like 'Library closing' daily


Alerter Allocation

The software easily manages the allocation of Alerter's to staff, students or visitors

Frequently asked questions:

Does Deaf Alerter aid compliance?
Deaf Alerter complies with British and European Standards, BS5839 and EN54. As well as aiding compliance with the Equality Act 2010 (formerly the DDA), making your building accessible for all.
Can I use a buddy system or flashing lights?

The buddy system can only ever be as reliable as the buddy – the buddy needs to be entirely present at the time of the emergency. While this methods have been favoured over the years, it is important to consider the limitations of these approaches and the impact this may have in emergency situations.

Is a digital messaging system safe to use?

It can be extremely dangerous to install a digital messaging system, like text messaging when it comes to fire safety for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

Mass notification systems, like mobile phone text messaging services, do not and cannot with current technology, meet the British and European safety standards. Weak vibrations, inconsistent signal and a poor battery life make the systems unreliable and run the risk of significant danger.

Is the system suitable for multiple buildings?
Yes, Deaf Alerter is ideal for organisations with multiple buildings. The radio-based nature of Deaf Alerter means that users can move between buildings on a site and always be covered.
How do I use my Alerter device?

If you’ve been issued with an Alerter device for personal use, this webpage has some information on how it works. (We’ve also put together a handy introduction video.)

For more information, please contact the person or department that provided you with your Alerter device.

Can this be installed by anyone?

All of our installations are carried out by our radio-expert engineers. We have a dedicated team of specialists across the UK, who can have your systems up and running as quickly as possible.

Can this be used for any other purpose?

Deaf Alerter’s ‘Message Manager software’, allows private messages to be sent to individual Alerters or groups of Alerters and public address messages to be sent to any Alerters within range using the International Roaming Standard. From library closing times to reception messages, this feature can be used to notify users of different information or incidents.

Do I need any radio licenses?

Every Deaf Alerter transmitter site is individually licensed by Ofcom, the Government Office of Communications. We’ll undertake all the necessary paperwork associated with obtaining the relevant licence for your site and offer a 5-year radio licence from Ofcom as part of the overall system cost.

How do I purchase Deaf Alerter?
Our specialist consultants are on hand to help you with any project requirements or questions. Get in touch with us today.

Customers include:

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For disability awareness, building regulation information and specific product knowledge, visit our Resource Zone.

Schedule an appointment

Our specialist consultants are on hand to help you with any project requirements or questions. Our team are available to visit your site / organisation in-house to discuss your project plans, or via video & phone appointments, pricing projects from specification or building plans.

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