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Disabled Refuge System – Emergency Voice Communication

Refuge Alerter


BS5838-9 compliant


Flexible system


Perfect for retrofitting

Building managers have a duty of care to provide everyone in their building with a safe means of escape. 

Every year there are over 100,000 fires in buildings in the UK.

Disabled people’s safety in the event of a building’s emergency evacuation should be paramount. Many disabled people with mobility difficulties use passenger lifts day-to-day to access various floors in a typical multi-storey building. However, non-fire rated lifts should not be used in an emergency, potentially leaving people stranded on upper floors.

This is where Emergency Voice Communication systems (EVC systems) become important.

Our EVC system, Refuge Alerter®, is designed to be installed in building refuge areas – to support safe evacuation of people from these areas in the event of an emergency

What is Refuge Alerter?

Refuge Alerter® is our digital, radio-based emergency voice communication system.

This innovative, radio-based disabled refuge system allows two-way voice communication at all times through our advanced Refuge Outstations, our touchscreen Master Station and our hand-held Portable Refuge Communicators (PRC), usually used by fire wardens.

Benefits of a radio-based disabled refuge system

Installing a radio-based disabled refuge system (EVC system) eliminates the need for costly and disruptive cabling. It also provides the unique ability to add a portable, hand-held refuge communicator into the system.

This allows building management and fire marshalls to communicate with disabled refuge locations on the move, or when locations are potentially compromised.

  • RQuicker installation process
  • RDisruption kept to a minimum
  • RNo need for expensive cabling
  • RPerfect for retrofitting

Cost-effective | Fast installation | Minimal disruption

Refuge Alerter system


Easy to press 'Push-button'


Braille identification


Induction loop installed


Visual light indication for power and call answered

Refuge Outstation

Our user-friendly outstations are designed to be used by people with both physical and sensory disabilities. They are situated in all refuge areas, fixed to a wall at around 1m off the ground.


User friendly

Additional features make it as easy as possible for people with all types of disabilities.


Perfect audio

Our digital radio technology allows high-quality audio to and from the Outstation.


Easy to install

Our radio-based Outstation installations keep disruption & mess to a minimum.



No expensive cabling means our Outstations are a great solution, especially for retrofits.

A master station box

Easy to use, intuitive, touchscreen interface


'Quick access', sytem control row, with light indicators


Handset can be used as an alternative to in-built microphone


Built-in microphone activated by the touchscreen

Master Station

Our Master Station allows up to 999 outstations ('control units') in emergency locations to be managed from one unit. The touchscreen interface allows easy management of all outstations.


Full compliance

Our Master Station fully complies with BS5839-9. It's CE marked and compliant with the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU.


Voice communication

You can communicate to an individual, a combination of, or all Outstations via the in-built microphone/handset.


Flexible system

Allows for easy expansion to future areas or buildings - with up to 999 outstations able to be added to the system.


Total system control

Provides full control over the system, with call answering, remote listening and more.

Portable Refuge Communicator

Our Portable Refuge Communicators (PRCs) provides fire marshals and building managers with two-way voice communication between Refuge Outstations or Master Stations - even from outside the building. This feature becomes extremely important when the Master Station location becomes compromised with smoke or fire in an emergency.


System Communication

Allows communication with one or multiple Outstations, as well as the Master Station.


Easy to use

Easy to use, intuitive system allows a quick selection or change of Outstation.


Rechargeable Battery

The PRC has a great battery life and is rechargeable, with a docking station provided.


Multi-channel optional

Estates and security radio systems can be enabled on the same radio frequency.

Alternative Outstations

Our user-friendly Outstations are also available in alternative colours and styles. These alternative Outstations can be used to add more functionality to a system, form their own standalone system or allow installation in listed or historic buildings.


Emergency (Red)

Usually installed in high-risk locations where emergencies may occur, like Laboratories.


Help Point (Blue)

Placed around a building to add additional comms points, commonly found in disabled toilets.


Bespoke (Wooden)

Perfect for listed or historic buildings where regulations impact installation finishes.


Same functionality

All alternatives have the same functionality and integration as our fire refuge Outstations.

PC Master Station (PCMS)

Our PCMS software provides a full system overview and gives total control of a Master Station or multiple Master Stations. This is ideal for a security control room overseeing a campus of buildings.


Two-way Communication

Allows two-way voice communication via a desk microphone and speaker.


Intuitive Software

The software is simple to use with an intuitive pop-up system giving full control.


Additional Integration

Additional alert inputs can be used on the software, e.g disabled toilet alarms.


Additional Information

'More info' button can be used to load campus or building maps with refuge locations.

Disabled Toilet Alarms

The system runs as a self-contained alarm system within a WC but also connects to the Refuge Alerter system to allow a central notification of activation. The connection to the Refuge Alerter system can be via cable or our self-contained radio links.


BS8300 Compliant

The ‘Call Accept’ function complies with BS8300:2018.


Central Notification

Receive a central notification of alarm activation on a Master Station or PCMS.


Quick Installation

We can install toilet alarms using a radio link, making installation quick & easy.


Full System

The full disabled toilet alarm system includes; pull cord, buzzer, reset & call controller.

Additional Alarm Integration

Refuge Alerter® is an extremely versatile radio-based emergency communication system. The fact that it is radio-based enables fast and easy integration with many different systems, allowing notifications to be received via the Master Station or Portable Communicator.


Fire Alarms


Push Button Panic Alarms


Room Temperature Sensors


Older Refuge Systems

Frequently asked questions:

Why should I use a radio-based system?

Our radio-based solutions have a few great advantages that make them perfect for nearly all scenarios. Radio-based means we can be on-site (and back off!) very quickly, at any stage of a project, causing minimum disruption. We have no need for expensive cabling, and can also cover multiple building sites very easily.

Can I add to the system at a later date?

Yes! A wireless EVC system is ideal for future flexibility. Being radio-based, Refuge Alerter has the ability to be positioned in practical locations, with no disruption to the established network. Our Master Station allows integration of up to 999 refuge locations or Wireless Toilet Alarms, meaning you can conveniently add to your project at any time.

Can the system be moved if we move buildings?

Yes! Without the need for hard wiring, Refuge Alerter can be relocated without disturbing the structural composition of any current or future building.

What building regulations are covered?

Refuge Alerter is fully compliant with a number of British Standards, these include: BS5839-9, BS9999, BS8300 and Building Regulations Part B.

Is this the same as a hard-wired solution?

Overall, Refuge Alerter provides the same service and protection as a traditional hard-wired system, however, installing our radio-based solution eliminates all of the disruptive, lengthy, and costly pitfalls of installing hard-wired systems.

What is a disabled refuge and do I need one?

Building managers have a duty of care to provide everyone in the building with a means of escape. With varying levels of mobility, some people may not be able to use the building’s emergency staircase. Therefore, a refuge (temporary waiting area) is recommended under BS9999 and Building Regulations Part B.

Do you offer bespoke systems?

YES. We offer systems tailored to your specific needs and our bespoke solutions make Refuge Alerter perfect for a range of locations – from new builds to listed and historic venues.

Can this system be installed by anyone?

All of our installations are carried out by our radio-expert engineers. We have a dedicated team of specialists across the UK, who can have your systems up and running as quickly as possible.

Customers include:

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