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Radio-based Evacuation System

Site Alerter


ATEX/Intrinsically Safe Devices


Flexible, scalable system


Perfect for retrofit

In the event of emergencies, our radio-based evacuation alert system helps ensure everyone can leave safely.

There are many hazardous sites such as petrochemical plants, weapons sites and nuclear facilities, where rapid and controlled evacuation of the site may be required.

The need for a reliable notification system is extremely important in these environments. Every second can count, so a quick responding, zoned evacuation alert system, is critical.

What is Site Alerter?

Site Alerter® is our radio-based evacuation alert system for use in the event of an emergency to help evacuate personnel at hazardous sites.

The system can be activated by ATEX approved help buttons, or automated detectors. The radio linked system is controlled by a touchscreen master station that displays activation locations. This will automatically activate evacuation warnings to ATEX devices such as pagers, flashing lights, internal and external sounders.

Benefits of a radio-based
evacuation alert system

By installing a radio-based solution it eliminates the need for costly and disruptive cabling.

Using only high-power licenced radio frequencies, we can ensure reliable signals over all large or physically complex sites. It is also quick and easy to move or add devices as the site changes. Remote monitoring is also available with additional radio-based master stations or PC control software via IP.

  • RQuicker installation process
  • RDisruption kept to a minimum
  • RNo need for expensive cabling
  • RPerfect for retrofitting

Cost-effective | Fast installation | Minimal disruption

Site Alerter system

Master Station

Call Points

Sounders & Strobes

Control Unit

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Frequently asked questions:

Why should I use a radio-based system?

Our radio-based solutions have a few great advantages that make them perfect for nearly all scenarios. Radio-based means we can be on-site (and back off!) very quickly, causing minimum disruption and at any stage of a project. We have no need for expensive cabling, and can also cover multiple building sites very easily.

Can I add to the system at a later date?

Yes! A wireless EVC system is ideal for future flexibility. Being radio-based, Refuge Alerter has the ability to be positioned in practical locations, with no disruption to the established network. Our Master Station allows integration of up to 999 refuge locations or Wireless Toilet Alarms, meaning you can conveniently add to your project at any time.

Can the system be moved if we move buildings?
Yes! Without the need for hard wiring, Refuge Alerter can be relocated without disturbing the structural composition of any current or future building.
Is this the same as a hard-wired solution?
Overall, Refuge Alerter provides the same service and protection as a traditional hard-wired system, however, installing our radio-based solution eliminates all of the disruptive, lengthy, and costly pitfalls of installing hard-wired systems.
Do you offer bespoke systems?
YES. We offer systems tailored to your specific needs and our bespoke solutions make Refuge Alerter perfect for a range of locations – from new builds to listed and historic venues.
Can this system be installed by anyone?
All of our installations are carried out by our radio-expert engineers. We have a dedicated team of specialists across the UK, who can have your systems up and running as quickly as possible.

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