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Case Study
MoD Shoeburyness

Site Alerter Site Wide

Spanning across 20 miles with over 80 buildings, MOD Shoeburyness is a munitions testing and training facility, located on the southeast coast of England.



Site Alerter


Centralised System


The Challenge

MOD Shoeburyness needed a centralised site-wide alarm system, to warn operatives of any potential danger and subsequently create a specialised response from two different fire services.

The biggest challenge for the client, was finding a system that could be integrated throughout their extremely large site. The area extends across 20 miles with over 80 remote and clustered buildings, meaning that implementing a hard-wired system would be extremely expensive and could take months of groundwork.

The Solution

The solution provided to MOD Shoeburyness, was the installation of our wireless Site Alerter system.

Using our radio-based technology, Site Alerter ensures full coverage with a single alarm which is triggered by standalone call points located on any of the allocated buildings. Once the alarm has been activated, the whole site sounds sirens through marine horns and beacons flash.

The Result

With two centralised control points, both units are instantly notified of the specific building that is in alert, allowing operatives to plan the best response. 

Overall, this provided the client with a cost-effective solution and a comprehensive system that provides full protection for their entire site.  


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