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Saving Lives Through Technology

Using your Alerter

Have you been
provided with a 
Deaf Alerter device
for personal use?

The Deaf Alerter fire alarm messaging ystem is installed in thousands of buildings in the UK.

It enables individuals in those buildings to receive emergency notifications via small, portable devices known as ‘Alerters’.

Want to know more about how to use your Alerter?

Watch the video opposite to learn:

  • What Deaf Alerter is
  • How your Alerter device works
  • What buildings are covered by the Deaf Alerter system
  • How to start your Alerter for the first time
  • How to wear your Alerter
  • How to change the battery

Alternatively, click below to view these instructions in PDF format.

Find out more

If you’ve been provided with an Alerter for personal use,
please contact the person who provided you with the device.

If you are a direct customer of Alerter Group and
require customer support, please call us on 01332 363981
or email

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