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Alerter Group Covid-19 update

May 5, 2021

The Government has placed regular testing for COVID-19 as a key part of their roadmap out of the pandemic.

In the last few weeks Lateral Flow Testing (also known as Rapid Testing), has been greatly expanded, giving everyone in the country access to free, regular testing to try to prevent outbreaks and detect COVID-19 cases early.

Alerter Group is working hard to uphold the health & safety of both our employees and our customers. We are encouraging all Alerter Group employees to use Rapid Antigen (Lateral Flow) Testing Kits and continue to follow guidance for PCR testing where they have COVID-19 symptoms. Making use of lateral flow tests regularly could help prevent the spread from asymptomatic individuals, keeping ourselves and others safer.

This means our engineers are safe in the knowledge that they can continue to install and maintain our life-saving products, while doing their best to keep the community protected. This also opens up opportunities for our Specialist Sales Consultants to return back to sites and begin assessing building requirements.

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