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Ensure your property is safe during lockdown and beyond

May 27, 2020

The current lockdown situation has unfortunately resulted in many offices, retail units, places of education, and hotels temporarily being closed for business. 

As part of our efforts to ‘save lives through technology’, we have been reminding our clients of the importance of all fire safety systems. It is essential that fire safety and alarm systems are not only installed in accordance with BS5839 but also maintained to the relevant safety standards. 

Our advice to all responsible persons, especially if they have delayed or cancelled PPM visits, is to arrange a scheduled maintenance inspection as soon as possible, to ensure your property (occupied or unoccupied) remains safe. Failure to maintain fire safety equipment can potentially invalidate buildings insurance.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers have been trained and briefed to follow our Covid-19 working at safe distance procedure. Now is the time to maintain and install new fire safety equipment, safely, whilst your property is unoccupied or the majority of occupants are away from the premises. 

Alerter Group is here to save lives through technology and provide your responsible person with the guidance to provide a safe environment for disabled people.  

Contact Alerter Group for further advice or information regarding fire safety for disabled people. 

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