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Step challenge success raises funds for Hearing Dogs

Oct 6, 2023

Members of the Alerter Group sponsored ‘stepathon’ have smashed their goal – raising £270 for our chosen charity, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

From 25 September-1 October, a team of 20 participants from across Alerter Group (including three directors from parent company Sdiptech) embarked in a challenge to complete one million steps in a week.

Each participant chose their own goal and method(s) of ‘stepping’ to help support the wider team target – from walks and hikes to running.

As a result of the fantastic dedication and friendly competition within the team, the original goal of one million steps was not only met but exceeded.

The final result was a humongous 1,453,984 steps completed… 145% of the amount originally aimed for!

Supporting Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

The aim of the challenge was to support health and wellbeing as well as raise money for our chosen charity this year, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

The original sponsorship target was also exceeded during the week. Originally set at £250, this has now reached £270 as a result of donations from many generous sponsors. View the fundraiser webpage here.

UK-based charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs to alert deaf people to important sounds. The charity’s work has wide-ranging impact helping keep people safe and reconnect with life, and we’re delighted to be able to support them through our recent activity.

Speaking about the Stepathon success, Rebecca Byers, Senior Marketing Executive at Alerter Group, said:

“The average person in the UK completes about 3,000-4,000 steps per day
– around half of what would be needed to complete this challenge!

Consistency was key during the week, and there was a great sense of colleague support and encouragement throughout, with everyone’s activities all adding up.

To not only meet, but exceed the target, is a fantastic result. The funds raised have gone to a brilliant cause at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Well done everyone!”

Find out about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People on the charity’s website:

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