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An introduction to BS8893

7 February 2024

A new British Standard, BS8893, is coming soon… and it’s all about the component requirements for Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems.

An Introduction to BS8893 – 13 February 2024

What is BS8893?

BS8893 (or to give it its full name; “BS8893 – Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems – Components – Specification”) does exactly what you’d expect; it delves into detail on component requirements for EVC systems.

It’s currently being developed to run alongside the published standard BS5839-9 (the code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems) – and is expected to be published imminently.

What are the key takeaways of BS8893?

Interestingly, despite being a completely new British Standard, BS8893 is set to contain a lot of information you may well have come across before.

That’s because EVC systems’ component requirements had already been set out in BS5839-9. The new BS8893 will effectively pull the product component requirements into a British Standard of their own, make a few specifications testable and add tests for some requirements. By design and is stated in the foreword, no new product requirements have been added at this time for the standard.

In creating two distinct standards (one for components and one for design, installation and maintenance), the British Standards Institute is enabling EVC designers, manufacturers and suppliers to gain certification for each part individually.

Product only suppliers will be able to demonstrate their products meet a British Standard. Meanwhile, parties who install and maintain the product will be responsible for meeting and certifying the requirements of BS5839-9.

Until BS5839-9 is reviewed in the future, it will continue to contain all the product requirements. In the future it will just reference BS8893.

How does the change affect people buying EVC systems?

British Standards aren’t retrospective, meaning if you already have an EVC system installed in your building, you don’t need to gain BS8893 certification.

However if you’re buying a new system (or adding to/amending an existing one) it would expected consultants and customers will specify both British Standards.

How does this affect our EVC products at Alerter Group?

Quite simply, it doesn’t. That’s because at Alerter Group we design and manufacture and install our EVC product (‘Refuge Alerter’).

We meet the product requirements of the new BS8893 and we will also continue to certify installations to BS5839-9.

Of course, just like before, if you choose to buy an EVC system then maintenance is a very important part of BS5838-9. At Alerter Group we offer multiple BS5839-9-compliant maintenance packages – in which case you’ll be sure that the EVC system in your building has been developed, fitted and looked after in accordance with all relevant British Standards.

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