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Case Study
Cranfield University

Refuge Alerter with a site-wide repeater

Cranfield is a specialist postgraduate University based in Bedfordshire, offering world-class, large scale and national facilities to students and industry professionals.



Refuge Alerter


Site-wide System


The Challenge

To ensure the safe and quick evacuation of members of staff and students in the case of an emergency, a survey of the entire site was undertaken. This highlighted areas in which the University needed to focus attention, such as the Security Team being able to monitor and communicate directly with those in refuge areas.

The University houses a multitude of unique buildings of varying age, size, complexity, and layout. The challenge faced, was that many of these buildings had existing standalone wired refuge systems, which required a management procedure that was challenging to implement. As such, Cranfield required a flexible system that could be installed in both new premises and refurbished older buildings.

The Solution

The solution was to install our wireless Refuge Alerter system with a site-wide repeater to ensure full coverage where the systems are installed. This also offered the university future flexibility, by allowing any building on campus to be selected for further installations, requiring only an outstation as additional equipment. Overall this provided the university with a cost-effective solution and a comprehensive system, which allows the security team to have full communication and 24-hour monitoring.

The Result

Staff, students and visitors who are on-site now have peace of mind that, in the event of an incident, when they should not use a lift and cannot egress via a staircase, they can now alert and communicate with Security quickly with the simple push-button wireless refuge outstations. This innovative technology has enhanced Cranfield’s evacuation strategy. 

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