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Case Study
HM Land Registry

Deaf Alerter & Message Manager

Her Majesty’s Land Registry is a non-ministerial department of the Government of the United Kingdom. Established in 1862 to register the ownership of land and property in England and Wales, it reports to the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy.

Deaf Alerter


Deaf Fire Alarm


The Challenge

HM Land Registry had several factors to consider when installing their emergency communication system. Having multiple members of staff on-site, who are profoundly Deaf or hard of hearing, the primary objective was to install a system that could effectively alert these individuals in the event of a fire alarm activation.

It had been deemed that flashing beacons were not a sufficient solution and nor was a direct messaging service via mobile phones. Fundamentally, mobile phone text messaging systems do not meet the relevant building relegations or British/European fire safety standards. Moreover, poor phone signal throughout the building and the unreliability of mobile network services proved a possible concern. Therefore, a guaranteed message in all eventualities and scenarios was required.

The Solution

The solution provided to HM Land Registry, was the installation of our Deaf Alerter system along with its message manager software.

Deaf Alerter allows end users to be notified in the event of a fire alarm activation, and our message manager software, provides the ability to send tailored individual or group messages in relation to any other announcements.

With our radio-based system and guaranteed coverage, the client was offered assurances that both the fire alarm and any additional programmed messages would be received in all eventualities.

The Result

Overall, this gave the client a reliant and comprehensive system that met all of their requirements. The members of staff who can not hear emergency notification now receive any communication through a handheld Alerter.

With Deaf Alerter offering guaranteed site-wide coverage, it means the members of staff can be safe in the knowledge wherever they are, they will receive communication.

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