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Case Study
Nottinghamshire County Council

Deaf Alerter Site Wide

Established in 1889, Nottinghamshire County Council is the upper-tier local authority for the county of Nottinghamshire in England. The infrastructure set up at Nottinghamshire County Council comprises a whole range of building types for the use of both council staff and members of the public.

Deaf Alerter


Deaf Fire Alarm


The Challenge

The council were faced with the challenge of implementing a system that could not only cater for council staff, who are potentially using multiple sites on a constant basis but also adapting a system to suit their public access buildings.

The difficulty for the business was their inability to know at any one time, if members of the public who are Deaf or hard of hearing, were entering any of the buildings. The council needed a system that would ensure the safety of both their employees and members of the public, in the event of a fire evacuation or emergency.

The Solution

The solution provided to Nottingham County Council was the installation of our Deaf Alerter system across all major buildings used by the Council authority.

Deaf Alerter is a radio-based emergency fire alarm and messaging system, that when interfaced with a current fire alarm system, gives communication to an Alerter that is carried by Deaf or hard of hearing users.

With our National Roaming Alerters and guaranteed coverage set up, both employees and members of the public can roam freely throughout the majority of the buildings; with the peace of mind that they are fully covered in the event of a fire alarm evacuation or emergency situation.

The Result

Nottingham County Council is now assured that they have a fully compliant system in place to support the Deaf community and strengthen their fire evacuation procedures.

With Deaf Alerter offering guaranteed site-wide coverage, it means the members of staff and the public can be safe in the knowledge that wherever they are, they will receive communication.


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