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Case Study
Sheffield Hallam University

Refuge Alerter and Accessible Toilet Integration

Sheffield Hallam University is the eighth largest university in the UK, it is currently home to over 30,000 students.



Refuge Alerter


Centralised System


The Challenge

The university consists of three campuses, comprising of many building types and a large number of designated refuge areas. The challenge for SHU, was finding a system that could be rolled out site-wide, where communication from any refuge area could be monitored 24\7 from their central security hub.

They also identified a level of risk across their buildings, with regards to their stand-alone accessible toilet alarm systems. These systems relied on an “alarm being raised” if a member of staff or a student was in passing. This solution proved inefficient and did not allow the system to be effectively monitored. As a result, there was a heightened risk that toilet alarm activations would go unnoticed for substantial periods of time, putting the end-users in danger when potential emergencies could be delayed or even missed.

The Solution

The solution for Sheffield Hallam University, was to roll out our Wireless Refuge Alerter system and install site repeaters across all campuses to ensure full site coverage of the system. Using our radio-based system meant that Sheffield Hallam University could roll out a single system throughout all their buildings, bringing all refuge points back to a monitored central location. This not only gave a cost-effective solution due to no requirement on retrofitting cabling over large areas but also meant disruption during installation was kept to a minimum and the installation time was significantly quicker than that of a hard-wired system.

The Result

By integrating their stand-alone Accessible Toilet pull cord systems through our Refuge Alerter, the university can now be reassured that any local activations are monitored as closely and effectively as the refuge points.

Sheffield Hallam University now has a comprehensive Refuge system that meets all of their requirements and allows them to monitor all systems site-wide from one central security point.

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