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Case Study
The University of Winchester

Deaf Alerter Campus Wide

The University of Winchester, based in Hampshire, is one of the top providers of higher education in the UK.

Deaf Alerter


Deaf Fire Alarm


The Challenge

With a large number of buildings and halls of residence across its main King Alfred campus, the University needs to ensure that all students and staff receive emergency and evacuation information, including Deaf and hard of hearing people who may be unable to hear a fire alarm.

The Solution

The solution provided to the University of Winchester was the installation of our Deaf Alerter system across a number of buildings, campus-wide.

Deaf Alerter is a radio-based emergency fire alarm and messaging system that, when linked to a current fire alarm system, gives communication to an Alerter carried by a Deaf or hard of hearing student (Students can roam freely throughout the University, knowing that wherever they are the messages will always come through to their Alerter.)

A strong vibration is sent to the Alerter and the display will show information relevant to where the emergency is taking place, giving instructions on
how and where to evacuate.

The Result

The University of Winchester site is now fully covered by our Deaf Alerter system, which most importantly means that Deaf or hard of hearing students can enter any building or hall of residence and be confident that in the event of an emergency they will receive messages via their Alerter.

The University has Alerters ready for use by current or prospective students, and relevant members of staff are trained in how to use the messaging software.


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