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Case Study
University of Sussex

Refuge Alerter with Second Signalling

The University of Sussex is a leading higher education and research institution in the south of England. Established in the 1960s, the university has a diverse community of nearly 20,000 students.



Refuge Alerter


Centralised System


The Challenge

They needed a fire alarm system for their new student village, of which they could feed back to and expand on the academic campus. The challenge for the university, was finding a system that could incorporate all of their refuge areas and accessible pull cord alarms, to ensure that all systems could be monitored from their central security office. Another challenge included integrating areas within the main academic campus, where buildings were not previously on a fire alarm network.

The Solution

The solution for Sussex, was to install our Refuge Alerter system with the addition of a second signalling feature, to centralise the university’s fire and fault information from the building’s existing fire panels. Wirelessly linking the fire alarm panels with the equipment being installed for the refuge system, not only allowed installation to take place with minimal disruption but it also gave the client an opportunity to expand economically.

The Result

By installing Refuge Alerter, we were able to network all their refuge areas and accessible pull cord alarms directly back to one central location, where the use of our PC Master Station enables the Security Team to have desktop access to all call points, allowing for two-way communication and large-scale monitoring.

Overall, this gave the university a comprehensive system, meeting all of their requirements

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