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5 reasons your building needs Deaf Alerter

Is your building in need of a deaf fire alarm system?

With several options on the market, it can be difficult to determine the most suitable. Here are the top 5 reasons your building can benefit from installing Deaf Alerter:

Deaf Alerter

Deaf Alerter® is our industry-leading radio-based emergency fire alarm and messaging system for Deaf and hard of hearing people.

Using a unique roaming system, it allows users to receive emergency messages and communications in any building displaying the Deaf Alerter symbol.



BS5839-1 section 18 is dedicated to the special requirements of “Fire alarm warnings for people with impaired hearing”.

  • Deaf Alerter is fully compliant with British and European Standards, BS5839-1 and EN54
  • With an Integrated power management feature, the systems’ battery backup exceeds EN54-4
Equality Act (2010)

The Equality Act 2010 provides a legal framework that essentially creates equality for all. The act indicates that any service provided for non-disabled people, a similar or an ‘equivalent to’ should therefore be provided for those who are disabled.

  • Deaf Alerter assists with compliance of the Equality Act for safety systems such as fire alarms
  • Deaf Alerter also assists with compliance of the Equality Act for public address systems


Deaf Alerter is ideal for organisations with multiple buildings. The radio-based nature of Deaf Alerter means that users can move between buildings on a site and always be covered.

  • The system provides guaranteed full building coverage with no black spots, meaning D/deaf people are safe wherever they are in your building


Deaf Alerter has a Unique ‘national roaming’ system that allows Alerter users to receive emergency messages and communications, in any building displaying the Deaf Alerter symbol.

  • By installing Deaf Alerter, you will be joining various businesses up and down the country, in making their buildings more accessible for Deaf and hard of hearing people


Deaf Alerter includes our Message Manager software. Private messages can be sent to individual Alerters or groups of Alerters and public address messages can be sent to any Alerters within range, using the International Roaming Standard.

  • Not just for emergency situations, Deaf Alerter can be used to send useful pre-recorded and scheduled messages like ‘library closing’ or ‘come to reception’ to anyone in your building(s) with an alerter.

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