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Changing Places to become compulsory in England from 2021
From 2021, in England, large accessible toilets for severely disabled people will become compulsory under the new legislation. 

These accessible toilets, known as Changing Places, will be required in places such as shopping centres, supermarkets, and sports and arts venues, with the need for at least one per building to help support around 250,000 severely disabled people.

There are currently over 1,400 Changing Places toilets throughout the UK, but the government’s announcement sees a major change to building rules within England, which will state that a Changing Place is needed within public buildings.

Changing Places are around 12 sq m, with facilities including hoists, changing benches, and space for carers. Accessible toilet alarm systems should also be in place, meaning anyone requiring assistance within the Changing Place can call for help.

It is essential that these alarm systems are monitored and can be responded to. Alerter Groups Toilet Alarms allow notification of activation to be sent wirelessly to any security room or reception etc, where a response can be actioned, in addition to the standard over door buzzer.

Our Help Point Outstation can also be installed to provide even greater communication from accessible toilets and Changing Places, allowing two-way voice communication at all times. These blue Help Point Outstations have the same functionality as our more commonly installed, Refuge Alerter Outstations, but can be placed anywhere to add essential communication.

To find out more about our wireless Toilet Alarm systems for accessible toilets and Changing Places, and how they can be networked with the Refuge Alerter Emergency Voice Communication system, please get in touch.

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