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Did you know our radio-based EVC products are perfect for retrofitting into existing buildings?
If your EVC system requires retrofitting into an existing, listed or historic building, there are several benefits to installing Alerter Groups radio-based, or wireless emergency voice communication (EVC) system.

Refuge Alerter is a unique radio-based, emergency voice communication (EVC) system that fully complies with BS5839-9. Used in the event of an emergency, to help evacuate individuals from a disabled refuge area, our user-friendly outstations are designed to be operated by people with both physical and sensory disabilities.

Unlike hard-wired systems, which require expensive and intrusive cabling; by installing a radio-based solution, you can significantly reduce the amount of time, cost and disruption in an occupied building or any given project.

Speed of Installation & Cost Effectiveness

  • Any interruption to the running of your business or the progress of your construction programme can be costly and disruptive. Without the need for hard wiring, we can help you avoid the expense of fire-rated cable and eliminate the time required to run these throughout your project – meaning that the system can be on-site and installed within a matter of days.

System Flexibility

  • Building regulations, structural obstacles, and even asbestos, can make fitting a disabled fire alarm system a problematic task. With the ability to be positioned in practical locations without disturbing the structural composition of the building, our wireless Refuge Alerter is perfect for both new-builds as well as retrofitting into existing buildings.
  • A wireless EVC system is also ideal across a multiple buildings in a campus scenario, as it offers the flexibility to control the system at a central point or multiple points across campus’ – our Master Station allows up to 999 refuge locations or Wireless Toilet Alarms to be managed from one unit.

System Portability

  • A radio-based system with a licensed frequency allows communication on the move through Portable Refuge Communicators (PRC). Multiple handsets can be used with the system, allowing communication between all fire marshals as well as the Master Station and all Outstations.

Future Flexibility 

  • If you are planning a building extension in the future, want to increase the level of cover you already have or integrate accessible toilet alarms, a radio-based EVC system allows you to easily add to your project in stages, with no disruption to the established network.

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