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Vibrating pillow pad – Everything you need to know

What is a vibrating pillow pad?

Designed for Deaf and hard of hearing people, a vibrating pillow pad is a device used to protect and alert users in emergency situations.

Typically interconnected with fire alarms or evacuation systems, vibrating pillow pads are used to ensure protection at night-time by providing Deaf and hard of hearing users with a customised warning alarm.

Alerter Group Night Cradle

Ideal for security at night in hotels, halls of residence and residential homes; the night cradle and vibrating pillow pad can be used in conjunction with existing fire alarms and emergency evacuation systems, to provide Deaf Alerter users with 24-hour protection.

If a fire alarm is activated, the pillow pad is triggered to give out an exceptionally strong vibration and a light on the night cradle flashes continuously to wake the user.

Features of Night Cradle

Night time protection

The Night Cradle ensures Deaf and hard of hearing users will receive any emergency communications throughout the night.

Pillow pad

The pillow pad sits underneath the pillow, vibrating strongly to wake the user.

Flashing light

The strobe light adds another form of message receipt, flashing a high-intensity light when activated.

Additional messaging

The Night Cradle and vibrating pillow pad also provide an alternative for a ‘door knocking’ facility, for example, room service or wake-up calls.


The Night Cradle and vibrating pillow pad are designed to work in any bedroom, with no special wiring required.

British standards and compliance

BS5839-1 section 18 is dedicated to the special requirements of “Fire alarm warnings for people with impaired hearing”. As a system, Deaf Alerter and the Night Cradle are British Standard compliant.

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