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Changing Places toilets and the need for disabled toilet alarm systems

What are Changing Places toilets?

The term ‘Changing Places’ refers to fully accessible toilet facilities.

In line with the Equality Act 2010, facilities being offered must provide equal access for disabled customers/visitors and employees, to the same standard as non-disabled people.

Typical ‘disabled’ or ‘accessible’ toilets do not always meet the needs of all people with a disability. This is because more than ¼ million people in the UK with a disability, require additional equipment and substantially more room to allow them to use the facilities safely and comfortably. Changing Places are facilities designed to provide independence and comfort for anyone with a disability.

The features within these facilities, provide disabled people and their care assistants/families, with access to the right equipment and appropriate spacing. The bathrooms are around 12 sqm, with amenities including hoists, changing benches, privacy curtains and centrally placed toilets.

The need for Changing Places / Disabled Toilet Alarm Systems

Accessible Toilet Alarm systems are critical within Changing Places and Disabled Toilets.

By allowing a distressed user to call for assistance or raise an alarm in the event of an emergency, not only do these alarm systems provide reassurance for users, but they also offer peace of mind for building operators and ‘responsible persons’.

An accessible toilet alarm with both a visible and audible activation as well as a connection to an external source means that disabled people can be assured that in the event of an emergency, someone will be on the way to offer assistance.

Alerter Group Disabled Toilet Alarms

The system runs as a self-contained alarm system within a Disabled WC but also connects to the Refuge Alerter system to allow a central notification of activation. The connection to the Refuge Alerter system can be via cable or our self-contained radio links.

BS8300 Compliant

The ‘Call Accept’ function complies with BS8300:2018.

Central Notification

Receive a central notification of alarm activation on a Master Station or PCMS.

Quick Installation

We can install toilet alarms using a radio link, making installation quick & easy.

Full System

The full disabled toilet alarm system includes; a pull cord, buzzer, reset & call controller.

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